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iit Alumni PAN IIT India-Japan Convention 2017


MTIJ 2017 is International Trade Fair for “Railway Technology”
Pursuing Safety, Reliability, Comfort, Environmental consideration and Energy saving 450 Exhibitors (48 Overseas),
913 Booths, 28,000 Visitors in 2015

Exhibition subjects

Traffic/railway systems, lateral technology

  • Transportation planning
  • City planning
  • Smart city
  • ITS, ICT
  • High-speed railways
  • Cargo transportation, logistics, freight trains, IT
  • Urban transportation (subways, monorails, AGT, LRT, BRT, etc.)
  • Disaster prevention/safety management technology
  • Comfort
  • Interoperability
  • Energy saving technology
  • Consulting
  • Simulation technology
  • Universal design

Civil engineering/infrastructure technology and facilities

  • Track structure (PC sleepers, fasteners)
  • Railroad tracks (rails, railroad structure, railroad switches, wiring, interlocking devices)
  • Bridges
  • Tunnels (excavation technology, methods)
  • Railroad track maintenance technology (railroad track maintenance machines, equipment)
  • Construction technology
  • Track inspection (track status monitoring technology, track inspection trains)
  • Civil engineering structure (structure, earth retaining, embankment)
  • Disaster prevention measures (earthquakes, rainfall, wind and snow, weather forecasting)
  • Stations (station structure, station construction, design)
  • Platforms (structure, platform fence)
  • Overpasses
  • Rolling stock bases, train car plants

Electric power/transportation/railway operation management

  • Electric power facilities
  • Transformation facilities, receptive substations
  • Power supply systems
  • Overhead wiring structure, overhead wiring inspection
  • Train group control
  • Transportation planning
  • Railway operation management systems
  • Communication/signal technology (CBTC, ATACS, wireless, electronic blocking)
  • Level crossing system
  • Train protection technology (ATC, ATS, ATO, TASC)

Train cars and interiors

  • Train body structure (materials, body structure, power distribution, design, painting, cleaning)
  • Running gears (bogies, piping, lubricants, driving gears, coupling devices, shock absorbing devices)
  • Doors, windows, hoods (door engines, structure, glass materials)
  • In-vehicle information transmission (TIMS, ATI, Ethernet, cables, connectors, displays)
  • Propulsion (control devices, auxiliary power units, semiconductor)
  • Diesel engines, transmissions, bi-mode
  • Storage batteries, capacitors
  • Brakes (air supply, discs, materials, brake blocks, regenerative brakes)
  • Accommodations (floors, baggage racks, interior design, materials, in-vehicle lighting, non-combustible raw materials)
  • Seats (structure, materials, design)
  • In-vehicle facilities (toilets, washrooms, universal design, smoking measures, air conditioning)
  • Railway vehicle tests (various measuring devices, test devices, various inspection trains)
  • Cabs, crew quarters
  • Safety measures
  • Maintenance technology
  • Comfort (riding comfort, in-vehicle environment, noise, vibration)

Passenger services

  • Stations (facilities for passengers, ticket checking and collecting machines, lighting, ticket vending machine)
  • Station buildings, stores, building structure/methods
  • Universal design, barrier free design
  • Automatic guidance, signs, media/advertisement, food services
  • Reservation systems
  • ICT
  • Disaster prevention and safety measures
  • Total/video security, guards

Targeted visitors

Targeted Visitors